What is amateur radio? Is a little like asking “What color is my vehicle or the sky?”

Amateur radio is as diversified as the men and women whom partake in this exciting and challenging venture.  It definitely is not “CB” radio. It is open to young and old alike. It offers camaraderie, and the opportunity to provide a public service to your town, county, state and beyond when called upon.

Is your interest in being a team member, or doing things on your own?  You may join an amateur radio club or operate on your own. As a club member you will always find a mentor available and willing to help you in your communication quest.  Is your interest in digital, single side band, packet, code, rtty, TV?  Not sure what this means?

The South Plainfield Amateur Radio Club (SPARC) is participating in the national Amateur Radio Relay League’s Annual Field Day this June 27th & 28th at Spring Lake Park in South Plainfield. Watch for the schedule and get involved as a family or individual.  Contact : Marvin Bronstein, President of SPARC at: marvbrons@verizon.net for further information.