Dear Editor:

Our family has voted and fully endorses Democratic Borough Council Candidate Sandy Doyon.

Mrs. Doyon is running on a comprehensive, progressive, and evolutionary platform which far exceeds, but by no means eschews the pragmatic issues of local governance and its history.  It is an agenda which states “this is it. If you like it, I would be grateful for your vote. If you do not, that’s your right.”

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Mrs. Doyon will provide the catalyst to rid our borough of its stagnant political and societal ideology.  It is a societal dynamic which has and continues to fan the flames of a comfortable past which never existed. This toxic combination has impeded a path to TRUE. broad-based participation, diversity, and reinforcing the Constitutional Rights of EVERY citizen.

In closing, Sandy Doyon understands that “It’s about South Plainfield” is being a part of a much larger team. One which stretches far past our municipal borders.


Greg, Lisa, Rosalind, and Stephanie Heim