WATCHUNG, NJ – Beginning in September, the Pilates Design Studio will hold its second Z-Health 3 Pillars Strong Boot Camp. The 12-week workshop will focus only on the Z-Health curriculum of applied neuroscience assessments and drills that involve one’s visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive systems. 

The Z-Health 3 Pillars represents the three systems of the brain - Visual, Vestibular, and Proprioceptive; these three systems work together to give input to the brain, the brain interprets this information, and then creates an output through movement and behavior. 

According to Danielle Conner, owner of the Watchung-based Pilates Design Studio, these systems can and should be trained to create optimum brain function. 

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“If there is a problem with intake within any of these three systems, the brain’s interpretation can become askew, resulting in pain, injury, poor movement patterns, decrease in muscle strength, poor balance, improper behavior, learning disabilities, and more,” said Conner.

“The Z-Health 3 Pillars Strong program provides a unique way of training these three systems to create the change needed for stronger brain function and signaling, resulting in positive changes in behavior and learning, alleviated chronic pain, improved balance and vision, and more efficient movement patterns that increase muscle strength and decrease the risk of injury,” she said.

Conner has been developing a curriculum called Neural Pilates that begins with neuroscience-based drills and followed by Pilates training. During each Z-Health 3 Pillars Strong Boot Camp session, neuroscience vision, balance, and movement drills are taught and changes in the body that would normally take about six to 12 weeks to create a change in the body can take anywhere from five minutes to an hour, depending on the severity of the situation. 

“Improvements - whether it's to alleviate pain, increase range of motion, improve balance, improve vision, improve strength, speed, endurance, etc. - can be seen immediately within the sessions and through self practice at home,” said Conner. “The combination creates positive changes in the body that stay.”

Clients such as Liz Cresci told TAPinto that they have had tremendous results by combining Z-Health drills with Pilates Rehabilitation Curriculum. Cresci said that when she first began taking Pilates classes, she’d keep her eyes closed throughout the exercises, however, through private sessions and the 3 Pillars workshops, she realized that her vestibular system wasn't functioning properly, affecting her balance and movement. 

“I had been so detached from how my body was functioning – my gait was awkward, my posture was out of alignment, and my eyes were not gathering sufficient data to help any of the issues. Things changed quickly when I began private sessions with Danielle focusing on the Z-Health training,” Cresci, a resident of Piscataway, said. 

“After years of Pilates and with [Conner’s] constant corrections to my form, I found the eye and coordination exercises challenging but yielding of significant results from the start. Most amazing was that my balance has improved exponentially,” Cresci said.

The 12-week Z-Health 3 Pillars Strong Boot Camp will take place every other Saturday, beginning Sept. 14; each session is an hour and half with six sessions taking place in the fall and six held in the winter. In between sessions, clients practice their drills and record their results.

“This program is amazing,” said Conner. “We encourage anyone - injured, non-injured, movers, non-movers, athletes, non-athletes, to attend.”

“Traditional medicine provides ‘treatment’ and many people like the quick fix of a pill or a procedure. What I value most about Z-Health and the 3 Pillars Strong series is that I learned exercises to assess my body and take myself out of pain,” added Cresci. “I found the neuroscience behind the program very interesting and it helped me to understand how to access my body and address the issues as they change each day. Now, I am mindful of how the brain and the body learn to adapt.”

For more information or to register for the Z-Health 3 Pillars Strong Boot Camp, email Danielle Conner at The Pilates Design Studio, located at 7 Johnston Drive in Watchung (near the Watchung Circle), is open seven-days a week. To learn more visit or visit

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