Dear Editor,

There has been a lot of paving going around our town lately!  And I must say, it is such a fine sight to see all the Water Company work come to an end with this final phase of road resurfacing.  It should be noted that while the Water Company is in fact completing the work, a lot of thanks need to go out to Mayor Anesh, Council President Bengivenga and Councilman Wolak.

In 2016, Councilman Bengivenga introduced Ordinance 16-2062 after noticing that the utility companies routinely complete their work, yet over time leave our roads simply patched, bumpy and uneven.  Councilman Bengivenga saw the need to hold utility companies accountable for road conditions after utility work is completed.  It was passed and adopted by the Borough Council, which has successfully laid the groundwork for all of this repaving currently being completed.  

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Ordinance 16-2062 reads in part stating: “In the case of utility work undertaken by a public or private utility, in cases where the area to be trenched is greater than 50 linear feet, the permittee shall mill and repave the entire pavement surface from edge to edge, or curb to curb for the full length of the excavation in accordance with the specifications of the Department of Public Works.”

Because of the attention to detail that Mayor Anesh and his team have taken over the years as well as the water company complying with Ordinance 16-2062, we will benefit from over 20 newly paved roads around town at a cost savings estimated to be over $1 million dollars. 

With proven leadership and experience, Mayor Anesh and Council Candidates Bengivenga and Wolak have demonstrated they have our best interests at heart. I am supporting the Anesh team so that they can continue to get it done for South Plainfield.

Scott Miller