Dear fellow voters

On Tuesday November 5th we will all have the opportunity to cast our ballots for the people we would like to hold positions in our community that we feel will best represent us. These elected positions come with certain obligations which can receive public praise and criticism. As an elected official these folks need to be able accept that the public is fully entitled to voice their opinions and at no time should the public be afraid of retaliation as a result of this. It just comes with the turf when you throw your hat into the ring for an elected position. It isn’t any fun getting criticized but that’s just the way it goes. The public has the right to ask for information or accountability without being afraid or intimidated to do so. If you are afraid of someone doing this to you, make sure you vote for someone else. 

When you go to the voting booth this year, please go as an informed voter. It is important to our entire community that we do not just go and push buttons. People seeking election often hope for the first spot in a given category or line because they count on people just pushing the first button, sort of robotically. We aren’t robots and shouldn’t act as such. 

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Historically election years that don’t include a presidential, gubernatorial or mayoral race have very low voter turnouts. Local elections are no less important and some can argue they are more important. Please exercise your right to vote and make sure your voice is heard this year. 

Best of luck to all candidates for all positions. 



Doug Chapman 


PS This is written as a resident of South Plainfield only and not as a member of any board or organization.