Dear Editor, 

I'd like to welcome Mike Zushma to the world of politics and congratulate him on being selected as the town's Democratic Chairman.
I've served as Republican chair since 2009, and I've always enjoyed spending my time helping good people get elected to office.  In South Plainfield, it's never about party:  People work together and try to get things done, with party rarely entering into the equation.  That's what I've liked about our town, it's small-town atmosphere.  For quite some time now, we've been able to put aside party labels, do what's best for the residents, and run campaigns based on issues and thoughtful debate.
I'm looking forward to Mike's time as Democrat chairman, and I invite him to join us in working for a better South Plainfield.  Yes, there will be times the two parties disagree, but respectful, thoughtful debate is a good thing.  Mike, welcome aboard.  I hope you will join me in continuing the South Plainfield's recent political tradition, namely, having a thoughtful, respectful debate on the issues.  If we can do that, we do a great service to our town and its people.     


Best Regards, 
April Bengivenga