The South Plainfield Mayor’s Wellness Committee Autism Awareness Event took place on Sunday,April 7, 2019,at the South Plainfield Senior Center from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Mayor Anesh read “Cat In the Hat” tales to the students, Danielle Stauton author of “This is Logan” read to the audience, The South Plainfield Police Officers/SRO’s Zack and Justin Melanson were on hand to register all special needs resident children so that they would be in the South Plainfield Police registery file.  Danielle Stauton and Jessica Spina hand made 175 blue puzzle piece cookies individually bagged, and they hosted sensory crafts along with sequin sheets of materials that slide through the children’s hands which creates a pleasing sensory effect.    The students enjoyed a large area to jump on bouncy balls and on hand to help the children with the crafts were Andrea  Loniewski, her two sons Nick and Andrew and Brandon Shine and Tyler and Hayley Spina,  who also arrived at 9:30 am to help set up the balloon station and remained through the event.  Georgeann Cochrane of Mohn’s Florist donated sixty (60) White, Green and Black star balloons that decorated the room.  Ali Gibson, Mayor’s Wellness along with member Scott Carey helped clean the multiple donation of fruits from the South Plainfield “Green Olive”.  Eddie Lin Au-some balloon creator designed balloon creations for every child.  Dr. Rose Merola, Chief of Developmental Pediatrics at St Peter's University Hospital, Maria Torres, secretary, David Jaipersaud, Director of St. Peter's University Hospital, his son David and daughter Samantha, were present to speak to parents.  Mayor Matthew read the Autism Awareness Proclamation for the month of April at the April 1, 2019 Mayor and Council meeting.  A sea of blue balloons were launched indoors and each child was given a balloon to take home at the end of the event.  Thank you to Linda Fiore, Angelo Paradiso and Tree Olano for all your help.  Submitted by Debbie Boyle, Chair of theSouth Plainfield Mayor’s Wellness Committee and Stephanie Bartfalvi, Scott Carey, Ali Gibson and Mayor Matthew Anesh