Dear Citizens of South Plainfield,

At this point  in my life, I am now mobility challenged. For the past 24 years, I was able to use the drive-up mailbox at the South Plainfield Post Office. This past December, 2018, that mailbox went missing. That mailbox saved me from getting out of my car to mail my letters. I did question when the box would be put back and was told soon.

Well, when the box did return, it is not handicapped friendly! Inorder to deposit your mail in the box, you have to unbuckle your seatbelt, open your car door, get out of your car, pull down the little door (that is way back in the box), deposit your mail, get back into the car, buckle your belt and then drive off. I thought I just might have short arms, but I watched others pull up to the box and go through the same routine.

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If I want to use my town post office, I have to park my car and get out my walker and go into the post office. Which is all fine and good, except when there is ice or it  is raining. I feel this is discriminating against handicapped people and those who can not reach the little door.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had a problem with this. I have considered contacting the State of NJ Disability Office to report this problem. I did speak to a person at our town hall, but the box is still there. At first, I even spoke to a lady at the post office, with no real help.

Any suggestions from other South Plainfield Residents on how to resolve this problem?

Thank-you.                                                                                                                                                                                                Linda Cwiekalo