The Middlesex County School Boards Association and Association of School Administrators hosted the 34th Annual 2019 Student Recognition Program Honoring Outstanding Juniors and Seniors in Middlesex County’s High Schools, which was held on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at the Old Bridge High School with over 400 attendants.    Each student, in his or her own unique way, chose to contribute, rather than complaint, show dedication rather than hesitation, to see challenges as opportunities and to act on each opportunity, by each ones’ own educational acumen. These unsung heroes, who make our high schools a better place each day and will make further influences for the needed differences in our society.

Congratulations to all the students, their families who encourage them, their teachers, principals and other adults and peers who sustain them. The South Plainfield High School students recognized were Matthew Cassio and Alana Essien-Applewhite.  Pictured below L to R:  Elliott Stroul,  Vice President for Legislation - BOE member Jamesburg;  Sharon Miller, Vice President Programs - BOE member South Plainfield; Debbie Boyle, County President and BOE member South Plainfield; Cassie Sucher Greeley, Immediate Past President - former BOE member Piscataway; Lucille Bloom, Delegate to the NJSBA Board of Directors - BOE member Sayreville; Deven Patel, Alt. Delegate to the NJSBA Board of Directors - BOE member South Brunswick.  Also present was Kevin Ciak, Immediate Past National School Boards President and President of the Sayreville BOE and Student Recognition Planner; Dr. Lawrence Feinsod, Executive Director of New Jersey State School Boards Association, who has the ability to influence, motivate and enable others to contribute towards the effectiveness and success of our children, is the President of the Northeast section of Executive Directors and attending a conference,  notes that “This Student Recognition Event is one of the best Nights of the Year".  Also addressing the audience was New Jersey State School Boards Association President Daniel Sinclair and the Middlesex County Association of School Administrators, Dr. Scott Taylor, President.   We also recognize Mr Kyle Anderson, Interim Executive County Superintendent and NJSBA Vice President for Finance, Michael McClure.    

Our sincere gratitude goes to Old Bridge Superintendent of Schools David Cittadino for hosting this outstanding recognition program, the Presentation of Colors by the OBHS Air Force ROTC Honor Guard, Pledge of Allegiance by Caitlin From and National Anthem by Annabella Marie.  .  Our Keynote speaker was Dr. Linda Madison, Superintendent, Middlesex Borough Public Schools. We would also like to congratulate Lynn Kasics, South Amboy, as Legislation Delegate by the Board of Directors who appoints all Delegates to Legislation for all districts.  Picture l to r: Executive Director Dr. Lawrence Feinsod, Lynn Kasics and New Jersey State School Boards President Daniel Sinclair.