South Plainfield received over two inches of rain this past weekend. Fortunately, Mother Nature has cooperated, and the precipitation was not of the frozen variety. Despite the rain, nothing could put a damper on South Plainfield’s spirit of helping those in need.

On Saturday a few Borough employees and I had the opportunity to deliver funds that have been raised for a family that has experienced a difficult time. The generosity of people throughout the Borough has been overwhelming and these lifelong residents expressed their profound thanks for all those that have lent prayers and provided support. As Mayor this is the part of my job I find most humbling. Representing each one of you whether it is at an Eagle Scout ceremony or consoling a resident in need.

The story of residents helping one another is actually fairly common. As Mayor, I am frequently blessed with the front row seat witnessing South Plainfield’s charity at work. Neighbors helping neighbors and friends helping friends. No challenge ever seems too big. The bigger the challenge it seems the bigger South Plainfield’s heart. South Plainfield doesn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to show our love for thy neighbor. As Mayor I humbly say thank you.