South Plainfield, NJ - On Monday evening the Borough Council hired two new police officers. These hiring’s will allow two additional police officers to be stationed at South Plainfield Public Schools and will supplement the already strong security measures enacted by the Board of Education and the South Plainfield Police.

The hired officers are part of an interlocal agreement negotiated by Council President Bengivenga and the Board of Education’s Shared Services Committee. This committee is committed to the betterment of South Plainfield and our educational system. Safety of our children, and our Borough, is paramount to anything the government does, and I want to thank everyone involved in enacting this agreement.

This Friday South Plainfield High School’s Class of 2018 will graduate. It is a special day for students, parents, grandparents, family and friends. It is a day to reflect on accomplishments, but more importantly it is a day to prepare for what lies ahead in the future. Last night the Borough Council and Board of Education came together to further strengthen security measures for our schools in the future. These two new officers, are part of that plan, and I want to thank everyone involved in getting it done!