SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ –Tuesday evening Recreation Chairwoman Christine Faustini announced the South Plainfield Library has agreed to finance the further expansion of Willow Park. What makes the announcement so special, is the expansion will make Willow Park the first adaptive park in South Plainfield. The park will provide recreational opportunities to South Plainfield children in a perfectly inclusive environment.

“It is my belief and I hope that everyone here this evening will share in it, that every child, with any given ability, needs and talents, along with their care givers should have the simple joy of playing and laughing with others,” said Faustini. “Each child should experience the wind blowing through their hair on a trip down the slide or on a swing.”

Construction of the park is slated for this spring, and Councilwoman Faustini hopes the new structure will be installed and ready for use in time for the very popular library summer reading programs.

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“I’d like to commend Library Board President Cheryl Smiley, the Board of Trustees and Library Director Linda Hansen for their outstanding public service for all the residents of South Plainfield,” said Mayor Anesh. “The creation of an adaptive park is something that many may have thought was only a dream, and now children of all abilities will be able to play alongside their siblings and peers in a park for all.”

According to Anesh one of the keys to South Plainfield’s recreational success is the Borough’s Recreation Commission.

“I would be remiss if I did not once again thank our Recreation Commission and Recreation Director Kevin Hughes for their leadership and guidance in the Borough’s recreation programs and facilities,” said Anesh. “Willow Park is always teaming with activity when I am at Borough Hall. It is the popular spot for moms and children frequenting the many great programs at the Library. I want to thank the Recreation Commission for having the foresight in helping turn Willow Park into what it has become today.”

“I want to thank all the members of the Library Board of Trustees for generously approving the new adaptive playground,” said Councilman Joe Wolak. “I am sure it will be welcomed with open arms and be beneficial to all the residents of South Plainfield. The Library’s innovative planning can now help all children have the access to quality play which while fun, is also essential for childhood developmental skills.”