OLC Rosary Altar Society was pleased to award their $500 Scholarship this year to a well deserving and actively participating parish High School senior; Michael Niemeyer, who will be attending Middlesex County College. The award is based mainly on their essays, attendance, and activities in our parish. Below is Michael’s essay.

What OLC and the Catholic faith mean to me

            Throughout my life there are things that have remained constant and consistent, that is my faith and being a parishioner at OLC.  These two things have helped me become the man I am today like nothing else could.  I have spent a great quantity of time at OLC as well as participating in its masses and events.  On many occasions I have helped serve at the spaghetti and wafer suppers.  Serving at these gatherings of our parish has taught me, and helped me realize a lot about myself.  I have learned that I love to serve people, and I love the community that surrounds not only OLC but the Catholic faith.  A large chunk of my Sunday mornings and Saturday evenings have been spent at the altar serving for mass at OLC.  It is one thing to be at mass, but once you participate in it opens your eyes to just how beautiful the mass really is.  Faith has also played an important and beneficial role in my life.  I was homeschooled from a young age and one of the subjects my parents ensured we had vast knowledge on was our faith.  We had religion class every day. I was taken through the sacraments and their importance, as well as the importance of scripture.  I was then transferred into a private Catholic school by the name of Koinonia Academy.  At Koinonia I furthered my education of my faith with more extensive religion classes as well as weekly masses and daily prayer times.  Here I made great connections with people of the faith, and we helped each other grow in our faith.  Without my faith and OLC I am unsure if I would be the person I am today, for that I am thankful.  Both have instilled in me the virtues and the desire to help others and live a life in the way of Christ.