With everything going on, here is a positive read on how communities are coming together.  When I came across the #frontstespproject on social media and saw what fellow photographers were doing, I knew I had to be a part of it.  The #frontstepsproject is basically taking a quick family portrait on the front yard or steps (following the social distancing guidelines), and in return the family would donate to a cause I have chosen.  I chose to go with City Meals on Wheels, which is based in NYC.  It is a volunteer based non-profit, and 100% of all proceeds go towards meals for the elderly who can't leave their homes right now due to the pandemic.  My goal initially was $1000, but due to the overwhelming response I got from friends/family and residents of South Plainfield, I was able to raise $2000. Twenty families reached out to me for pictures and about 10 who were too far, but still wanted to take part and donate to the cause.  It is amazing how everyone is coming together, and helping each other in this time of need.

Bhavita Photography