Although we have all been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, we all know colder weather is coming.  The leaves are starting to drop quickly now.   Most of us have begun bagging leaves and will continue to do so for another few weeks. 

Please don’t forget to remove leaves from storm drains while raking leaves from your property.  Storm drains play an important role by removing water from our roadways.

If water is not allowed to flow into storm drains it will start to pond over the roadways, creating a dangerous situation.  Vehicles can hydroplane through the excessive water, and the operator can lose control of the vehicle and possibly cause an accident.  Standing water also poses a problem when the temperature is below freezing as it creates ice and can easily cause a motor vehicle accident or a slip and fall accident.  The excessive water can also back up onto your property and into your home.

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Please be mindful of any storm drains near your home and adopt the nearest storm drain by keeping it clear of leaves, litter, snow and ice.  Encourage your neighbors to do the same. 

Keeping the storm drains clear should be done throughout the year not just during the Fall season.


 If we all work together we make our roads safer and environmentally friendly.


Happy Thanksgiving from the South Plainfield Green Team!