As Election Day approaches, Jon and Sandy want you to know the reasons why they are the best candidates for Borough Council. They have a long history of public service, both in their careers and their private lives. Jon and Sandy take the time to ask questions and gather information before making any decisions, because their main priority will always be to do what is best for all of South Plainfield. They are not content to sit back and be “yes people”.


            During the years of Republican control, so many areas that affect our community have been ignored. Amongst those things are the lack of improvements and upkeep to our various parks, the decay and ultimate closure of our community pool, the misappropriation of funds that occurred in our recreation department and the crumbling infrastructure. A lack of questioning and transparency has certainly played into this mismanagement at the taxpayer’s expense.


Throughout this campaign, Councilman Jon Dean and Sandy Doyon have stated that they will be on Team South Plainfield. As part of their team, you will be able to have your voice heard and be a part of the process. Three years ago, when Jon ran for the Council for the first time, he brought forth the need to improve and enhance our community pool complex. Now, some three years later, it is finally getting done. Thank you, Councilman Dean.

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As a lifelong resident of the borough and educator in South Plainfield for over 25 years, Sandy has positively impacted the lives of thousands of our young people, but she will not rest on her laurels. Sandy is currently working on a committee to bring age-appropriate drug education to students throughout the state.


Voters have the opportunity on November 5 to allow Jon and Sandy to continue their good work and do what they do best and that is to ask the important questions and facilitate change that will benefit the entire community. One party rule has proven not to be in the best interest of South Plainfield. To hear more of Jon and Sandy’s vision for South Plainfield, please attend the debate on Wednesday, October 23 at 7pm at the Senior Center. Feel free to contact Jon and Sandy at