As usual, many wonderful events took place over the weekend in our community. The annual Buddy Walk of South Plainfield which honors and celebrates individuals with Down Syndrome, was a great success thanks to the hard work of many dedicated volunteers. A Tournament of Bands competition was hosted by our SPHS Marching Band, who delighted the audience with an outstanding performance. Again, there were many volunteers who made this event possible and successful. Our sports teams played, cheerleaders cheered, and parents enjoyed watching their children in activities all over our community. All of these activities are made possible because of hard-working volunteers who give their time and financial support to South Plainfield. Over the years, Councilman Jon Dean and Sandy Doyon have volunteered for various organizations and events to benefit people of all ages in our borough. Volunteers are the backbone of our community, and they are not turned away because of political affiliation. The same standard should be held by our governing body.

There has been a pattern of exclusion of people for various committees, boards and commissions because of politics. There are people who hold multiple positions on committees, while other willing volunteers are turned away. The qualifications should be more than just being friends or family. Many talented people do not get a chance to serve or to have a voice in our local government. The opportunities for citizen leadership should be more inclusive. Councilman Jon Dean and Council candidate Sandy Doyon believe that more people should have the chance to be included and to have a voice.

Many people believe that this is just how politics works and that this is how it has been with whatever party is in control. Jon Dean and Sandy Doyon do not believe that this is the way things have to be. It is obvious that there needs to be inclusion, diversity and balance in local government. We are a small community, and we need to be inclusive. Councilman Jon Dean and Council candidate Sandy Doyon are the only choice to have a voice. They are eager to answer any questions from residents at