Councilman Jon Dean and Council candidate Sandy Doyon have been sharing information about themselves and their community involvement. Jon and Sandy are open-minded and willing to listen to diverse opinions and ideas. As lifelong residents of the borough, they fully understand the history of our community and have played an integral role in the lives of many. They are proud of what South Plainfield has to offer, but believe their independent ideas can be an asset to the community. Jon and Sandy are not simply focused on the past, but are looking toward a better future.

We keep hearing about “getting it done”, yet under years of Republican control, our community pool fell into such disrepair that it had to be closed, leaving many families without our local pool to enjoy. During last year’s campaign, there was no mention of the possibility of closing the pool until days after the election. Clearly a political decision that lacked the transparency that our residents deserve. Now, we have to hope that the needed renovations will allow our community to enjoy a full summer, with the pool that some families depend on for their summer vacation.

South Plainfield residents have a right to know what is going on in our community and in local government. There is an obvious lack of transparency that will be addressing in the weeks to come. Jon and Sandy plan to be a voice for the community that will ensure that the residents are given all the information that they are entitled to know in a timely manner. In keeping with transparency, the borough website needs to be more user-friendly and easy to navigate. Information should be easily accessible with a simple search option, rather than having to click several tabs and links to find what you are looking for.

Jon and Sandy want to thank all the residents who have contacted them about their concerns. Residents have expressed concerns about the lack of economic development, the downtown area, and the number of empty stores around the borough. They also continue to complain about traffic and trucks not following the proper truck route. These are not new issues for our community, but they continue to trouble our borough residents. Jon and Sandy represent “Team South Plainfield”. One party rule does not allow for all opinions and voices to be heard. The only choice to have a voice is to re-elect Councilman Jon Dean and elect Council candidate Sandy Doyon.