Councilman Jon Dean and Council candidate Sandy Doyon, both lifelong residents of South Plainfield, are all about community and not just for photo ops and personal recognition. Community service is not about talking points, it is about giving back to the community when no one is looking. Councilman Dean is seeking re-election because he has a strong commitment to South Plainfield. “I have always had strong pride for the community and a passion for making a difference and helping out,” says Dean. He has reached out to help seniors and other borough residents, when they needed assistance without seeking publicity. Behind the scenes, when there is a family in need, Sandy has organized and delivered food, clothing or whatever was needed, again without seeking publicity. Giving back to the community is what they do, because that is what community is all about.

Jon and Sandy are both very proud of South Plainfield and what it has to offer, but they know that there needs to be some checks and balances, as well as a voice from outside of the Republican majority in local government. Both Jon and Sandy are troubled by the lack of transparency and with information that is not clearly communicated to the public. There were tens of thousands of dollars missing between July 2013 and February 2019 from the South Plainfield Recreation Department without notice by the governing body, administrators or auditors. The residents have never been told how this was allowed to happen nor have they been assured that measures are in place to prevent it from happening again. If you want to take credit for what you believe is good, you also have to take responsibility for what has gone wrong. 

Jon Dean knows the role and responsibilities of a council member, having served on the Borough Council since 2017. As the father of three children, he has spent his time on the council advocating for improvements to our community pool and recreation for the young people of South Plainfield. Children in the community have always been the first priority for Sandy Doyon. As a teacher for more than 25 years, she has had a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of children in our borough. Her commitment to her students does not end after they leave her classroom. She sends good luck postcards and holiday cards to all of her former students until they graduate high school. Sandy says, “I am proud to have had many students who have stayed in touch and have told me that they pursued a career in teaching because of the impact I have had on their lives. I have attended many of their graduations, showers and weddings.”

Councilman Jon Dean and Council candidate Sandy Doyon will continue to work for all of the residents of South Plainfield to make our community the best that it can be. They are your only choice to have a voice in our local government. You can share your ideas and concerns with them via email at