SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - The Labor Day festivities in South Plainfield have been a much-loved tradition for over sixty years. Unfortunately, this year all events were canceled due to a credible security threat. Many of us were looking forward to this year’s parade theme as it was scheduled to honor our Veterans. We can think of no better way to honor our Veterans and our community than by being protected from any possibility of harm. Our Veterans deserve to be honored every day for their service. Jon and Sandy would like to thank the South Plainfield Police Department, First Responders and the Department of Public Works for their role in keeping us all safe.

 Councilman Jon Dean has considered himself a team member of the governing body since his election in 2016. While on the Borough Council, Councilman Dean has worked with Middlesex County to help alleviate the truck traffic and put up appropriate signage to identify the truck route. The work is ongoing until they get the official truck route completed. Borough residents have been able to count on Jon to address their concerns and respond quickly to questions that he is asked. After the residents voted for the funding on Democracy Day, Jon has been working tirelessly on the redesign of the South Plainfield Community Pool, while updating the infrastructure of the borough. These are the types of things that make South Plainfield a desirable place to live.

Council Candidate Sandy Doyon is a lifelong resident, who contributes every day, to the lives of the students of South Plainfield as a teacher. Besides committees and coaching, Sandy has worked to obtain funding for students and families in need. She is currently working on a committee to improve drug and alcohol education in South Plainfield and throughout Middlesex County. This cause is especially close to Sandy’s heart, since the loss of her son Tommy due to addiction. Many residents who are struggling have reached out to her for information and support that is currently not readily available to them.

Both Jon and Sandy agree about the importance of giving everyone a voice in South Plainfield. One party rule does not allow for different perspectives and various opinions to be heard. Jon and Sandy consider themselves Team South Plainfield and are your only choice to have a voice.