Democrats Sandy Doyon, Kristine Keefe and Sherri Zwerko this week focused on the millions of dollars borrowed each year by the Republican Mayor and Council to pay for everyday expenses and the need to put the Borough on a pay-as-you-go spending system.

Mayoral Candidate Sandy Doyon said, “Since the Republicans gained control of the Borough Council, the municipal tax rate has increased significantly.  The Republicans have tried to hide these increases from the taxpayers through financial ploys – a yearly shell game as they have borrowed millions of dollars over the past few years to pay for everyday expenses, including tax appeals which they hand out like candy without putting up a fight.  People also need to remember that taxpayers now pay a separate library tax instead of funding the library through the Borough budget as it was in the past.  To add to these financial schemes, they have doubled the sewer tax over the years which has forced some businesses out of town.  When Kristine, Sherri and I are elected, we will put a stop to the runaway spending and borrowing.  It’s just a matter of time until this house of cards comes tumbling down.  The residents of South Plainfield deserve better.”

Council candidate Kristine Keefe continued, “In walking door to door, Sandy, Sherri and I have heard from many homeowners that they just can’t afford the rising property taxes in South Plainfield.  When the payments must be made on the borrowed money, our children and grandchildren will not be able to afford homes in South Plainfield.  We simply cannot grant every tax appeal, especially to a favored few.  The Democratic team pledges to the taxpayers of So. Plainfield that we will halt the runaway spending and borrowing of the Republicans.”

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Council candidate Sherri Zwerko continued, “It’s time to adopt best business practices in running our Borough government.  We need to adopt zero-based budgeting where every expenditure is justified instead of just increasing the prior year budget number.  When the Democrats controlled the Council, the Borough was put on a pay-as-you-go basis – essentially, if you can’t pay for it with available funds, don’t spend it. We also need to work with the county and state to obtain grants and aid to offset taxes.  We need to get spending under control and end the reliance on borrowing to balance the budget.” 

Sandy Doyon concluded, “It is time for new leadership with new ideas.  We have heard from the people of South Plainfield about their great concerns regarding rising property taxes.  We will get spending and borrowing under control so that people are not taxed out of town.  This Borough belongs to the people and it’s time to take back South Plainfield.”