South Plainfield is a wonderfully diverse community with residents who have many interests, beliefs, talents and opinions. That diversity strengthens the fabric of our borough, and provides our children with the opportunity to grow up respecting our differences. Artists can join art clubs, musicians can join music clubs, mothers of twins can join a twin mothers club, and so on. Many clubs for many groups and interests. Our local government cannot and should not be a “club” controlled by one party. Our Borough Council needs to represent all the residents of our community. Differing views and opinions must be heard and respected. Jon Dean and Sandy Doyon can and will be those voices for all of our residents. Councilman Jon Dean was elected in 2016 and has worked hard to represent all the residents of our borough, but yet is not considered part of the “team”. Why? We all know the answer to that question.

Councilman Dean and Council candidate Doyon have an unmatched work record. While owning his own successful business, Jon always makes time to volunteer and address the needs of the community. His ability to balance business, his family and the concerns of the residents of South Plainfield as a Councilman, demonstrate his strength of character and his willingness to help all residents. He gives his time and supports events such as Career Day and the 9/11 tribute at the Middle School. Whenever he is asked, he makes himself available to our community and our schools.

Council candidate Sandy Doyon has an extraordinary work ethic. Sandy is never afraid of hard work. From the time she arrives at school at 7am, an hour and a half before the school-day begins, Sandy goes above and beyond to provide her students with an outstanding classroom experience. After school hours, she organizes many fundraisers and events to benefit the students of our school district. As Vice President of the South Plainfield Education Association, Sandy works in a leadership role to advocate for fair representation for the faculty and staff of our schools.

Jon and Sandy have devoted many hours helping others in need, without looking for credit or a photo op, just doing it because it is the right thing to do. The only choice for all residents, of all backgrounds and affiliations, to have a voice, is to re-elect Councilman Jon Dean and elect Council candidate Sandy Doyon.