On November 5th, Councilman Jon Dean and Council candidate Sandy Doyon urge you to exercise your right to vote in this very important election for our community. You will have the opportunity to assure that South Plainfield continues to be a community with two party rule. A community with a Borough Council which includes people who will ask hard questions, and assure checks and balances for the borough.

Jon and Sandy are lifelong residents of the borough who have been active volunteers, served on many committees, and given countless hours to help residents of all ages. They have not worked to have photo-ops, they have worked on causes to help others without fanfare. Jon and Sandy both grew up in families who led by example, volunteering in the community, and inspiring them to keep that strong tradition going.

The voters of South Plainfield need to be concerned about some disturbing facts. Our governing body has ‘passed the buck’ to the Recreation Commission for their lack of oversight concerning the former Recreation Director and the theft of funds. They have bonded nearly $30 million dollars to pay for current expenses. This has kept the current tax rate the same, but this bill will come due soon. Worse yet, they continue to only pay the interest on this debt. The ability to provide public safety services will be severely hampered by overdevelopment and the increase in traffic. The governing body does not talk about what these added services will cost the taxpayer. Their lack of insight into future planning will inevitably have a negative effect on us as taxpayers. They are unwilling to step up and budget for these services. Yet they are asking for 100% control without anyone questioning their decisions or motives.

Councilman Dean and Council candidate Doyon believe that South Plainfield deserves the best, and that they are the best candidates to do that job. They are asking for your support, and for you to encourage your friends and family to get out and vote as well. Let’s keep South Plainfield a two party community so that all residents are represented. Please feel free to contact Jon and Sandy with your questions and concerns at dean.doyon4sp@gmail.com