Effective immediately, residents must wear masks at the Borough’s recycling drop-off center.  Governor Murphy directed on July 8 that masks must be worn outdoors if social distancing cannot be maintained. This applies to the drop-off center, which has been increasingly busy on Tuesdays and Saturdays. 

“We urge residents to comply,” said Recycling Coordinator Alice Tempel. “If people are coming in with bare faces, we will either have to allow vehicles in only a few at a time or turn away anyone not wearing a mask.” 

Some recyclables people bring to the drop-off can also be put out for the bi-weekly curbside pickup.  Residents should consider buying additional bins for extra material rather than risking Covid19 infection at the Recycling Center.  They can limit their visits to bringing things that are not included in curbside collection, such as E-waste, paint, cooking oil, clothing, scrap metal and motor oil.