SOUTH PLAINFIELD – During the May 18 Council meeting, Councilman Derryck White proposed that South Plainfield residents stand outside their homes on Monday, May 25 at 10a.m. to honor veterans in their own way.  White suggested reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and playing or singing the Star-Spangled Banner.  Those who cannot go outside are asked to take a moment of silence to honor and give thanks for the heroes that sacrificed all for their country.

“A resident from another municipality had proposed their community do this and then I put my own spin on it when I introduced the idea to the Council at the Council Meeting,” said White.  “As we approach Memorial Day, the day set aside for a grateful nation to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for its core principles, Liberty and Freedom, we gain solace in the certainty amidst the uncertainty.  The certainty is we should not and will not forget the great and selfless sacrifice of our nation’s military and veterans, with or without a COVID-19 crisis. The certainty is that we owe those brave, heroic, selfless men and women, who are our fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, a debt of gratitude that we cannot repay.”

While the usual memorial services and gatherings throughout town may not take place this year, the gesture of honor will serve to bring unity to the community in remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of United States’ citizens.

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“The certainty is we are a nation proud and strong as demonstrated by those we honor this and every Memorial Day,” White said.  “However, this Memorial Day, the uncertainty is that we will not honor our heroes in conventional ways. This Memorial Day, we will honor them through separation from the grave site we may visit, services we normally attend. Yet we have a tremendous opportunity to still show our immense gratitude.  I propose a humble act of gratitude.” 

At 10a.m. this Memorial Day, South Plainfield residents are asked to show the patriotism they are known for.  

“Let’s collectively maintain the certainty and consistency of honoring our fallen heroes,” White said.  “For love of country and all the citizens of this great country we call the United States of America, we shall stand united to salute our great, humble heroes.”