SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – Mayor Matthew P. Anesh proclaimed Nov. 21, 2019 to be “World Pancreatic Cancer Day” in the Borough of South Plainfield at the Nov. 19 Council Meeting, welcoming up the Price family to accept the proclamation.   Bill Price, Janet Price, Tanner Price, Marge Price and Shea Price are South Plainfield residents who have become advocates for those suffering with pancreatic cancer and for their families.  

“My dad passed from pancreatic cancer about ten years ago,” said Bill Price.  “We’re involved with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  It’s a cause that’s very near to us and just raise awareness from it because it’s really a horrible cancer.”

The Price family has become part of the North Jersey affiliate of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, a national organization creating hope through patient support, research, community outreach and by advocating for a cure.  The incidence of death rates due to pancreatic cancer is on the rise and there are currently no early detection tools or effective treatments.

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Anesh read the proclamation, adding statistics of the vast reach of the disease.

“Whereas in 2019, an estimated 55,400 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the United States and 44,330 will die from the disease,” said Anesh.  “Whereas, pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers, is currently the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the United States and is projected to be the second by 2020.”

Anesh stated that pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers, adding that ten percent of pancreatic cancer patients are diagnosed when the disease is confined to the pancreas and ninety-one percent of patients die within five years of diagnosis.  He also added that 1,290 deaths will occur in New Jersey alone in 2019 as pancreatic cancer is the seventh most common cause of cancer-related deaths in the world with 418,000 new pancreatic cancer cases to be diagnosed globally by 2020.

“Whereas the good health and well-being of the residents of South Plainfield are enhanced as a direct result of increased awareness about pancreatic cancer and research into early detection, causes, and effective treatments,” said Anesh.  “I, Matthew P. Anesh, Mayor of the Borough of South Plainfield, do hereby proclaim that November 21, 2019 to be ‘World Pancreatic Cancer Day’ in the Borough of South Plainfield.” 

The family expressed their gratitude for helping them raise awareness for a “disease that is truly lethal in nature.”  Their hope is that by spreading the word, supporting patients and their families, and raising funds to find the cure through both individual contributions and federal funding and legislation, hope can be found.