“Whether it’s expanding opportunities for our kids, holding down taxes and spending, or making South Plainfield more beautiful, residents know they can count on us to always put South Plainfield first,” said Council Candidates Melanie Mott and Pete Smith.

“Whether it’s volunteering for a PTO, coaching our kids, volunteering for our boards or one of our local organizations, Melanie Mott and Pete Smith will always put our residents and our town first,” said Mayor Anesh. 

“When I decided to get involved with Mayor Anesh and his team, it was because I saw how invested they were with our children, seniors and families,” said Melanie Mott “Each and every year our Mayor dresses up as “Cat In The Hat” for our children, has coffee with our seniors, attends grand openings, performs weddings, attends sporting events...just to name a few. He truly puts South Plainfield first and that is why Pete and I want to be part of the Anesh team.”

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Here is what the Anesh team wants to continue and expand on when Mott and Smith join them:


· Expand Opportunities for Our Kids.  Under Mayor Anesh, South Plainfield doubled the size of the library and added two new parks.  We’ll work with the mayor’s team to make South Plainfield even more family-friendly by adding programs for all South Plainfield’s kids, including our special-needs kids and kids interested in sports, music, and the arts. 

· Hold Down Taxes & Spending:  South Plainfield has one of the lowest tax rates in the area.  In fact, under the Anesh team, municipal taxes have gone up less than one percent in ten years.  We’ll continue to hold down taxes and keep South Plainfield affordable.

· Make South Plainfield More Beautiful:  The Anesh team added decorative banners, a new street-sweeping program, and a new beautification trust fund.  We’ll expand on that by forming a committee to work on beautifying our town and by beefing up code and zoning enforcement.

 “The Anesh team is taking things in the right direction, and we want to continue and expand on that,” said Pete Smith. “As a coach, I always told the athletes that it takes a team effort to get results. Our Mayor is our leader but it takes all of us to work together to get the results that our residents deserve from our elected officials.”


“We’re here for South Plainfield and South Plainfield only. We’re not here to please some political machine or special interest group.” said Mayor Anesh, “If you think our town is moving in the right direction, we ask for your support, so we can continue to get the job done for our hometown.”   


We care what you think.  Feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns.

Melanie Mott Cell: 732-406-3727, Pete Smith Cell: 908-656-4011

Facebook @mottsmithforcouncil, email us at mottsmithforcouncil@gmail.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.