Council Candidates Melanie Mott and Pete Smith, this week, pointed to a series of independent studies showing that South Plainfield is continuing to get strong results under the Anesh team’s leadership.

Mott and Smith credited the hard work of borough department heads for working with Mayor Anesh to provide an affordable place to live, while also making sure South Plainfield remains financially sound for years to come.

  The two cited independent reports that show how South Plainfield is becoming financially stronger and more affordable, under Mayor Anesh.

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•           South Plainfield is More Affordable – Municipal taxes, the part controlled by the Mayor and Council, is up less than 1% over the past 10 years and sewer fees have remained the same seven years in a row. This is why, in 2017, named South Plainfield as one of the best tax bargains in the state! South Plainfield continues to have one of the lowest taxes in Middlesex County. Fact Check:, Municipal General and Sewer Budgets.

•           South Plainfield is Financially Stronger – The financial community issued an outstanding report regarding South Plainfield’s municipal finances. Just last year, when S&P global affirmed the borough’s “AA” rating, they pointed to the borough’s “Strong management, strong budgetary performance and a very strong economy” when describing South Plainfield’s finances. In addition, South Plainfield continues to have one of the lowest debt ratios in the County. Fact Check:  The ratings are available on Standard & Poor’s website.

•           South Plainfield is investing more than ever – While keeping municipal taxes in check, the Anesh team has worked hard to make improvements throughout town. Whether it’s doubling the size of the library, expanding Willow Park, adding new digital signs to the PAL and senior center, or enacting an ordinance requiring utility companies to repave the roads they work on, the Anesh team will always look for innovative ways to invest more in our hometown, while keeping taxes in check. Fact Check:  Council meeting minutes and ordinances.


 “It’s really impressive to see these types of results when scores of other towns are seeing taxes skyrocket, continuing to get downgraded and continuing to receive fewer services,” said Pete Smith.  “Melanie and I will always work hard to keep South Plainfield affordable.”

“Municipal taxes, controlled by the council, are up less than one percent since 2009,” said Councilman Rob Bengivenga, finance committee chair. “Over the same time, the county (under Democrat control) saw taxes go up $319.80 for the average home, and the school board raised taxes $940.64.  By contrast, the council’s part of the tax bill is up $48.67 over ten years.”


 “We want to continue to hold down municipal taxes and spending,” said Melanie Mott. “I chose to raise my family in South Plainfield because it is an affordable community, with a small-town feel.  I want to do my part to help make it even better.”

 “We hope voters agree that South Plainfield is heading in the right direction,” Mayor Anesh said.  “If you do, I ask for you to support Melanie Mott and Pete Smith on Election Day.”   

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