SOUTHPLAINFIELD, NJ – “Residents deserve smaller, more efficient government,” Mayor Matthew Anesh said this week when talking about his team’s plan to keep South Plainfield more affordable.  “This means doing more with less and constantly finding ways to do better.” 

“Melanie Mott and Pete Smith have the work ethic and drive that will bring value to our team. They are independent thinkers that will provide innovative ideas to keep South Plainfield heading in the right direction.” said Mayor Anesh. 

 “Under Mayor Anesh, South Plainfield has one of the lowest tax rates in the County and the municipal part of the budget is up less than one percent over the last 10 years.  But, that’s still not good enough and in order to keep our hometown affordable we need to always think of better ways to do things.” said Pete Smith.

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 “One example, that has saved millions of tax dollars, is when Mayor Anesh enacted an ordinance requiring utility companies to contribute toward the restoration of the roads they dig up.” said Melanie Mott. “Because of this ordinance over 10 miles of roads were paved in just the last two years at zero cost to the taxpayers.”

Smith said he decided to run, in part, because he saw a lot of these types of things happening and wanted to be part of helping the Anesh team. 

“I started on the planning board to get involved in local service,” said Smith, “and liked what I saw.  Everyone worked together to get things like the new library done at no extra cost to the residents. There was no new borrowing or new taxes for that project and it was a great accomplishment.”

Mayor Anesh pointed to ways his team is working smarter and more efficient:


  • Reforming Employee Benefits – The Council phased out longevity and negotiated changes to starting salaries and health benefits that will save money for taxpayer’s long term. This has enabled the borough to stay well below the state two-percent cap.


  • Bringing More Services “In House” – We brought engineering in house and combined it with the position of DPW Superintendent. We also brought our electric inspections in house. These initiatives alone saves taxpayers over $180,000 each year


  • Reducing Solid Waste Costs & Street Sweeping – By having our public works department handle bulk pickups and street sweeping, residents have saved several hundred thousand dollars. We are also getting a better service as a result.


  • Shared Services – The Borough last year worked together with the Board of Education to put more School Resource Officers in our Schools. This shared service initiative not only increases safety but also enabled the Borough to qualify for a Police Grant for the first time in over a dozen years.

“These are just some examples of how we have been able to work together and continue to get it done for our residents,” said Anesh.

“As a mother of three children, I am proud to be part of a team that works together to make South Plainfield more affordable for our families and seniors,” added Melanie Mott. “Pete and I will work hard to hold down taxes and spending.”

“We want to keep these types of results going,” said Pete Smith.  “We’re asking voters for their support so we can continue to work together with the get-it-done mindset and continue to make smaller, more efficient government a reality.”