SOUTH PLAINFIELD - South Plainfield Soccer Association’s Team Force became Division Champions on the morning of Sunday, June 9th after versing the number one team in the division, Franklin Township S. C. Team Athletico.  On a beautiful Spring morning, the "underdogs," Force, defeated their opponents 4-0 Heavenly Farms Park in East Brunswick.

“Wow, what a season!” said Johnny Jimenez, Team Force Coach.  “Myself, the coaches and parents are very proud of the boys.”

In the exciting finale to an unforgettable season, Force played their hardest.  The first goal demonstrated the fluidity of a team that has grown up together, working as one unit while anticipating each teammate's next move.  Alexander Jimenez shot the ball, the Athletico goalie punched it away and Helius Muñoz tapped it to score. 

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The second goal was scored by Jimenez, who took a shot using his left foot (his weaker foot) and scored.  

Force player John Michael then dribbled the ball across the field, through almost every player, but got stuck at Athletico's defense line, where the ball rebounded to Muñoz, who scored again, giving Force their third goal. 

The final goal was an exciting achievement.  The ball came high and Athletico's goal keeper tried to stop it, but couldn’t catch it.  Pascual Alvarez slammed it into the bottom left corner, scoring the Force’s fourth goal, defeating their opponent 4-0.

“This season wouldn’t have gone the way it did without our defense, “our best defense ever,” also our goalie, Logan Casella, who managed to save us during our toughest times, and of course, the rest of our teammates because without them, we wouldn’t be complete,” said Johnny Jimenez.  “We believe in ourselves, and we now know that if we all work together, we can accomplish anything as a team.”

The win comes after years of ups and downs for the team, which was taken over by Coach Ryan Wilson, Coach Ulises Muños and Coach Johnny Jimenez four seasons ago.

“That first season we coached, the team competed in flight 6, then moved to flight 3, then to flight 1,” said Jimenez.  “Flights are the level’s of competitors, the lower the flight, the better the competition.  Unfortunately, last year, the team was not ready yet for that level of competition, but we were still very proud to have made it as far as we did.”  

By the Spring of 2019, the team of determined, young men was ready.

“Spring 2019 came and Mid-New Jersey decided to put us on flight 2,” said Jimenez.  “I told the kids from the beginning of the season, ‘It’s ok, we are going to play hard and show everyone that we can do this.’” 

The team succeeded in keeping in the top of the flight and made it all the way to the playoffs against Clark’s Team Destroyers, a harrowing game that Force ultimately won.

“The game against the Destroyers was one of the best games I had ever seen my team play, and brought us to the championships just this past Sunday, June 9th against Franklin Twp. S. C. team Athletico,  who were the #1 team in the division.”

Force, the underdogs, proved themselves to be the champions.  Determination, teamwork and an unfailing belief in themselves with the guidance and encouragement of faithful coaches and parents instilled in each player the relentless drive that brought them to victory.

The new division champions of Force includes: Jacob Aiello, Pascual Alvarez, Logan Casella, John M. Danks, Sean Dineen, Alexander Jimenez, Jonathan Lujan, Aiden Medina, Helius Muñoz, Evan Salazar, Jayden Visconti, Keanu Wilson, and Karol Wojewodka. 

“Fate decided that we were the team that deserved the title winning against them 4 – 0,” said Jimenez. “My son and all the boys gave us an early Father’s Day present.  As time goes on, and as we get older, this is one of those moments that we will cherish forever.  Well done, team!”