There are loads of things to consider when buying your new Morris or Sussex County home--just ask Team Nest Builder! One big consideration: your pets. While most families go with adopting a dog or a cat, the Best Friends Animal Society spreads the word about other cute critters you may desire to add to your family. Before heading out to adopt or purchase these animals, here are a few things you need to know about these animals ideal home environments:

Hippity Hoppity Bunnies

  • Bunnies match well with families who can’t have a cat due to allergies, but long for a cute, furry creature.
  • Rabbits litter-box train very easily, so keeping them hopping around inside your Morris or Sussex County home works well.
  • Rambunctious kids frighten rabbits, so if you’re hosting this week’s Mom’s Club playgroup, best to put them away.
  • Bunnies require a good deal of work--from cleaning the cage to rabbit-proofing your house to feeding--so be sure you and your family agree to put in the effort together.
  • Bunnies live an average of 8-10 years.

Polly Wants A Cracker--And a Good Home!

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  • If your Morris or Sussex County home’s empty during the day, don’t get a bird! Human families take the place of bird’s flocks, so they need a lot of human attention all day long.
  • Birds enjoy interacting outside of their cages but can startle easily and fly around. If you’re someone with a home full of precious knick-knacks in precarious places, this critter might not be right for you.
  • If your kids need naptime and Mom and Dad need their peace and quiet, don’t adopt a bird. Naturally noisy at night and in the morning, bird produce a great deal of sound. (Think of the sound of a 747 bearing down over your house. A Moluccan cockatoo’s scream is only 5 decibels less than that!)
  • If you love your scented candles and air fresheners, be prepared to switch them out for more expensive bird-safe alternatives--they can be deadly to our feathered friends! (As can fumes from items with Teflon AND self-cleaning ovens.)

Porky Potbelly Pig

  • Potbelly pigs suddenly seem to be everywhere! Unless you’re willing to care for two, though, steer clear of this creature: they do better with a piggy partner.
  • You’ve heard pigs are smart, and it’s true! Have fun training them to fetch, sit, or run an obstacle course.
  • Pigs need outdoor space. If your new Morris or Sussex County home lacks a yard, or you’re purchasing a condo, pick another pet.
  • Some areas aren’t zoned for pigs--be sure to read up on local laws before proceeding.
  • Be sure you’ll have enough space for your full-grown Porky---even small potbellies may grow up to 200 pounds! 

As Slow as A....

  • Turtle! Easy care, right? Wrong! Your new slow-paced friend requires a good deal of money and time to create their perfect home within your home. Habitats requirements include UV lights, water filters, climate control and more.
  • If chaos rules your household, consider another pet. Turtles’ shells look strong, but crack easily if dropped by rough-playing kids or jumpy dogs.
  • Confirm your local Morris or Sussex County vet possesses turtle/tortoise experience, as many don’t.
  • Be ready for long-term love: turtles can live up to 70 years!

Decided to put off picking your family pet until your family and Morris or Sussex County home are really ready? Team Nest Builder recommends you sponsor an animal in the meantime! Go to for a peek through the organization’s sanctuary, and make a critter’s day.