SPARTA, NJ - Helen Morgan students spent a month reading and learning about concepts presented in the novel Wonder.  The whole school went to see the movie at the Sparta Theater just before Thanksgiving.  

In addition to reading and discussing the book, the students created projects to earn a spot at the preview.  They also decorated their classroom doors, created signs for the movie and the bus.  They painted windows and kindness rocks that were donated by Sparta Detective McCarick's landscaping company.  They used apps on their computer and created a mosaic of rubics cubes representing the image on the cover of the book.

Student Chase said, "After watching the movie and doing the kindness activities, I learned to try to always 'choose kind.'"

"It was a once in a career morning," Helen Morgan Guidance Counselor Stephanie Bernardo said. "How often can you take an entire grade level to the movies with you? It also sparked fantastic conversations after, comparing book vs movie. Amazing experience."