I read about the return movement of Mexican workers back to Mexico.  There are a number of reasons for Mexican migrants, leaving the US in what appears to be an historic shift.  We know that China, which is not stated in the article, has changed its type of manufacturing for a higher level of goods, and the beneficiaries of that shift are countries like low wage Asian Markets and Mexico.

Only 14% of the 1 million Mexicans that left the US from 2009 on were deported, which does leave the issue of deportation, as a minor issue even with the dozen Republicans, running for President on deportation.  Now they can instead focus on the Syrian women and children, coming to the US!   In addition, demographers have noted that many immigrants have left the US to return home.  A classic sociological study entitled the “Polish Peasant”, followed a large migration of Poles back home early in the 20th Century, and other ethnic groups did the same.

 In any event, both the US and China now have to struggle with a notion of comparative advantage, which comes up in trade deals and steals.  Mexico, whether it is beef or manufacturing can have the comparative advantage in low wage/low skill manufacturing jobs.  The Chinese have seen workers even in their state-owned businesses have rising wages, and there are a growing number of engineers for higher level manufacturing in China, which means a rising standard of living!

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Mexico benefits with either the US and/or China on its ability to provide jobs that once were American, later Chinese, and now back to the same border areas of the past.  Mexico has great oil resources that resolve the problems of supply chains and other aspects of manufacturing.  The Mexicans will not return soon!

Bill Weightman, Hardyston