Says an Investment in State’s Infrastructure is an Investment in the State’s Economy & Jobs

Bipartisan legislation sponsored by Senator Steven Oroho (R-24) that will deliver $5.15 million in transportation infrastructure projects and construction jobs to Sussex County has passed the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee.

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Oroho legislation provides critical maintenance for Sussex County roads and bridges. (

“Investing in our transportation infrastructure will improve the safety of our roadways and provide a lifeline to our local and state economy,” said Oroho. “Our success in restructuring the Transportation Trust Fund and reforming our state’s uncompetitive tax structure has provided the ability for us to now fund major infrastructure projects in our community. This $5.15 million investment from the TTF will allow us to move forward with local road safety and transportation projects without placing the burden on property taxpayers. This is a real win for families in District 24.”

In 2016, Senator Oroho was an essential voice in restructuring New Jersey’s Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) which helps fund the maintenance and repairs to the State’s roads and bridges, to keep the burden of paying for roadway infrastructure from impacting homeowners’ wallets. Oroho’s bipartisan effort also resulted in a $3,000 dollar tax credit to New Jersey’s veterans and tax breaks for middle-class families.

Oroho’s current legislation, S-1519, appropriates a total of $5.15 million from the TTF for the purpose of funding ten infrastructure projects across Sussex County.

“Our economy heavily dependent on quality roadways,” said Oroho. “An investment in our highways is an investment in our economy. Thousands of families, businesses, and local farms depend on the roads and bridges that we’re going to fix. Our restructuring of the TTF will continue pay dividends that will improve the future of Sussex County and the entire state.”

Sussex County Transportation Projects:

  • CR 519 521 over Branch of Paulins Kill
  • CR 607 Lakeside Blvd Crescent Rd
  • Glen Road near Sparta Glen
  • Main Street WB Rahway River
  • Newton Sparta Rd & Limecrest
  • Pudder Road over a Branch of Paulins Kill
  • Ross Corner Sussex Road over Branch of Papakating
  • Sparta Avenue & Hicks Avenue
  • Tuttles Corner Dingmans over Branch of Little Flat Brook

The legislation now heads to the full Senate for consideration.

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