Last month the Sparta Historical Society presented Monica Hoffman in the one-woman show “Determined Spirit: The Story of Amelia Earhart.”  The local audience of close to one hundred members and guests was captivated from the moment Amelia strode down the center aisle, dressed as an aviator ready to take off, wearing trousers, a bomber-style jacket and carrying a small suitcase. 

Kicking off Women’s History Month, the show provided the sense of what it might feel like to meet the real Amelia, who was intelligent, warm and engaging.  After the 40-minute show, the enthusiastic Hoffman continued to charm and inform as she answered audience questions both as Amelia and as the actress.  New member Elaine Fogerty, who had also attended the Sparta Historical Society’s 2019 Julia Child one-woman show, described Amelia as steadily determined to achieve her goals, and to network with and help women, despite endless challenges in an era when American women were just gaining the right to vote.  Fogerty added, “I’m so impressed with these actors and these programs!”

The Sparta Historical Society returns to its focus on local history for the rest of 2020 with its new exhibit on former local employer, Thomas Edison.  Professionally curated with rare treasures, “Thomas A. Edison: The Person, The Vision and His Genius” will be open every second and fourth Sunday through December 13th, 1-4 pm with 2pm talk.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, please check for the Opening Date of this Exhibition and other events, or leave a voicemail at 973-726-0883.