Dear Representative  Frelinghuysen,

Thank you for seeking my views regarding the proposed American Health Care Act.

I’m concerned.  I’m particularly bothered by the proposal to eliminate Medicaid coverage for millions of Americans,  hundreds of thousands of whom reside in New Jersey.

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We don’t allow fellow citizens to die on the street.  New Jersey law, and for heaven’s sake -- morality, require that hospitals take, into their emergency rooms, indigent persons unable to pay for medical services elsewhere.

The current legislation, the ACA, makes provision for insuring the indigent through Medicaid.  Unfortunately, the proposed AHA legislation cuts back significantly on Medicaid.  Indigent persons who currently see doctors for non emergency treatment will not have medical insurance coverage to do so.  They will go to hospital emergency rooms for the medical services they require.  The cost of their treatment will increase, probably tenfold. Furthermore, the number of such visits will increase because of lack of preventive medicine.

I and my fellow Americans will pay for this problematic situation, inefficient and inhuman as it is. Medical costs (and therefore our insurance premiums) will increase. As will taxes.  In New Jersey that means property taxes.

As a Representative of New Jersey in Congress, I ask that you to vote against the proposed AHA legislation.  This bill does not reflect the morals of our state, nor those of our society.  Moreover, it doesn’t make sense

Thank you.

Michael G. Busche