Every year, many Americans anticipate the release of a new iPhone. It’s cool, it’s new, and it's definitely a conversation starter.

“Oh hey, did you hear about the new iPhone?”

“Of course! I already preordered one!”

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“Oh yeah? Which color?”

That’s one of the many possibilities.

But on a more serious note, we have had very bland features come with the so called new and improved iPhones. What new features will the iPhone 7s (or maybe 8) bring us?


This highlights us to our first, eh, “change.”

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 5.25.27 PM.png

The new iPhone may come with 3 different options, all having different names.

The iPhone 7s will be the absolute base model. One step higher - practically a refurbished iPhone 7+ is the iPhone 7s+. Super creative. We know.

But the biggest prize goes to what we’ve all been waiting for- the iPhone 8. Since this phone has been confirmed to get a new design, we will just break down the nail-biting release that is the iPhone 8.

Program Upgrades

Since the iPhone launch is still nine months away we don’t have too many details on the specifics, but we can imply them. Since Apple has been going in chronological order with their processor chips, we can practically guarantee the phone will be run by an A11 Processor. This will be faster and cleaner than the previous A10 chip - it’s just common sense. Also, according to MacRumors.com, the iPhone 8 will have wireless charging technology. Apple may install a chip, that with help from companies such as TechNovator, would be able to charge your phone through a wireless signal. Taking charging to a whole new level, am I right?

Design Upgrades

The iPhone 8 is almost guaranteed to have a OLED display, which is upgrade from the previous LED. OLED does not require a backlight, therefore the iPhone 8 will be able to produce darker blacks and richer, contrasted colors than the previous iPhone models. While Samsung phones have had OLED displays for years, it is an upgrade for people who never have had Samsung and use Apple. 


Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 4.37.23 PM.png

The iPhone 8 may be bezel less, meaning the glass will go across the entire screen edge-to-edge. This is new to iPhone users, but once again, Samsung has had this with many of their phones. This also ties in the possibility of the iPhone 8 having a curved display. Like a broken record, Samsung already uses this technology in their famous “Edge” line, but it will be very cool to see on an iPhone.

Also, the iPhone 8 will most likely be 5.8 inches, .3 inches bigger than the 5.5 inch model, and an inch bigger than the 4.7 inch model.

Lastly, but definitely not least, the iPhone 8 may not have a home button. With recent technology having light shed on it, it is very possible to have your fingerprint scanned through a glass display taking away the need for a home button. Recently, the popularly known brand Synaptics recently introduced this technology, and it will be put into phones early this year.  


If these theoretical features and upgrades haven't gotten you excited for the new iPhone coming out in September of 2017, there is still ten months to go and who knows what else can be added to the must anticipated iPhone ever? Sit back and watch technology take a whole new surreal step.