As an Assembly candidate, I have been asked the question, “Where do you live?”
The answer is Green Township.  I pay property taxes in Green Township.  My license and car registration are maintained in Green Township. I live and I vote in Green Township.

Here is the rest of the story.  Like so many of you who live in the 24th District, I commute out of the county and have done so for over 25 years. 

I am the Assistant Executive Director of the National School Boards Association.  While I enjoy my job, my position does require substantial travel and I commute back-and-forth from Alexandria VA to my home in Green Township.  Sometimes I am in Texas, sometimes I am in S. Carolina.   I travel to many states with my work.   My opponents criticize me due to the travel currently required by my profession. 

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During the 40+ years that I have resided in Green Township, I served on my local school board and on the Green Township Council as Councilwoman and Mayor.  I managed to do this with a full time job and challenging commute.  Currently, I spend two or three nights per week in a small furnished rented apartment in Virginia due to convenience and efficiency.  I cannot wait to return home each week to be with my children and grandchildren. 

I am retiring from my current position in September and, if elected, I will dedicate myself full-time to the State Legislature. The trip to Trenton will be a breeze.
Will my opponents pledge to do the same?  They cannot as they both have other jobs.

My professional commute and related travel is no different to that of Congressman Scott Garrett and every other New Jersey resident who works during the week in any other city. 
The Secretary of State has certified my residency in the 24th district and I am a legitimate candidate for Assembly.  My opponents object to having a contest for this Primary.  Their accusation is political nonsense. 

Let's get to work and focus on the issues.  Let's start with the discussion on the nearly bankrupt Transportation Trust Fund and my belief that the new gas tax will not solve the problem.  

Marie S. Bilik, Green Township

Candidate for Assembly