SPARTA, NJ - The brave freshman, wise sophomores, dedicated juniors, and mighty seniors faced off in the annual battle of the classes last month.  Each class was clad in their team shirts sitting in their own section of the bleachers of the main gymnasium at Sparta High School.

The good natured contest consisted of many events giving plenty of chances for the students to have fun, destress and most importantly earn bragging rights.

The events for the evening included:

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  • Basketball throw
  • Blindfolded football
  • Pie eating
  • Balloon popping
  • Scooter relay race
  • Castle Ball
  • Tug of War

The judges for the event this year were Tim Librizzi, a guidance counselor and Steve Stoner, an assistance principal.

Sean Schoch, the student body president and senior said, “This event has existed every year since I can remember, it’s a tradition.”  

The seniors ultimately came out of top with the juniors, sophomore, and freshman respectively. But it is not about who wins and who loses.

Stoner said, “This is always a great night to be here and all of the friendly competition, the kids have fun and that’s what is important.”