Since Donald Trump has become president, our political heart has become even more troubled than before. The Democrats and liberal media will never stop their pointless witch hunt of trying to prove that Russia hacked our election. There isn’t enough evidence to prove it, and Americans are sick and tired of it.

Also, there is nothing wrong with talking to the Russians; we need to work to improve relations with Russia and establish common goals. We all understand that Vladimir Putin is a tyrant, but isolating ourselves from him, and scapegoating Trump affiliates who talked to the Russians is unnecessary.

Likewise, President Trump should never have claimed that Barack Obama wiretapped him; it was irresponsible and divisive. The investigation is taking up way too many headlines, and all its doing is dividing our country even further. I don’t even care if it’s true or not, it is simply too much of a distraction from the agenda that President Trump needs to accomplish for the American people. Democrats and progressive activists are way too hard on President Trump, but sometimes Trump does it to himself.

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Although I think those on the left aren't giving him enough of a chance, even I have some serious objections to some of what Trump has been pursuing lately. The American Healthcare Act that Paul Ryan tried to shove down our throats should’ve never been endorsed by the President. The bill replaced subsides with refundable tax credits [free money], didn’t repeal all of Obamacare’s taxes, kept the taxpayer funded insurance company bailout provision, kept many of Obamacare’s excessive regulations, replaced the government fine for not buying insurance with a fine that people would have to pay to insurance companies, and worst of all, the bill would have increased healthcare costs even more. It was a horrible piece of legislation, a sick joke that establishment Republicans tried to pawn off on us, and I whole heartedly stand with Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and the House Freedom Caucus for choosing principles and conviction over political convenience by opposing it against their party’s wishes.

Shame on President Trump for ridiculing them, he is too stubborn and naïve to recognize that he should be taking their advice! Even worse, President Trump and House Republicans are trying to do it again! We won't be able to pass a true healthcare bill that will actually bring down premiums and deductibles because there aren’t enough votes in the U.S. Senate; the Republican majority is not nearly close enough to get 60 votes.

We won't be able to open up the insurance market across state lines, expand health savings accounts, and do other things designed to lower costs. Either Trump and the Republicans pass another useless Obamacare-like bill, and suffer the political consequences once the voters realize they have been cheated out of the true repeal and replace they were promised, or we leave Obamacare alone for now.

I say we let Obamacare implode, let the premiums rise, the insurance companies pull out, and wait until the Democrat’s cheeks turn red, and pass a real bill when the political pressure is high enough that it would pass. Paul Ryan and President Trump are wasting our time with this healthcare debacle, and they need to cut the garbage and do something else for now. Instead, we should focus on lowering taxes for individuals and businesses across the board, especially for the middle class and small businesses; paired with cuts in federal spending. We should also be talking about ending illegal immigration with increased border security and cracking down on visa overstays.

I like that the President is reducing burdensome government regulations, and choosing Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court [an excellent choice]. However, I am concerned about his healthcare policy, his proposed budget that doesn’t balance, among other things. I believe that Trump thus far is doing infinitely better than Barack Obama did, and infinitely better than Hillary Clinton would have.

I believe that he loves America, and wants to make it better. However, I urgently recommend that Trump changes course immediately.