Name: Gary Larson Age: 57 Hometown: Frankford, 23 years and a resident of Sussex County for 33 years

Family: Married for 26 years to wife Claude; son Andrew, USMC, and his wife, Brittany; daughter Beth Ann, currently a junior at Rowan University

Education: BA, Jersey City State College, MA, East Stroudsburg University

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Occupation: Retired Special Education Teacher, 33 + years; 30+ in Sparta Township Public Schools and former Director of the New Jersey Camp for the Blind and Visually Impaired (Camp Marcella), 1984 to 1996


2013 2nd term serving on the Frankford Township Committee. 2012 Mayor, and 2010-2011 Deputy Mayor 2010 to present Frankford Parks Commission 2007 to Present Frankford Land Use Board

1999 to 2005 Frankford Board of Education Member of the Sussex County Solid Waste Advisory Committee, Volunteer with Manna House Trustee for the SCARC Foundation.

In the past the Freeholder Board has made major decisions involving the reduction in County personnel, the Homestead, 911 Center and landfill. Moving forward 3 areas I can identify and impact are:

Broadening fiscal responsibility by finding ways to save money in small ways, to maintain services, without increasing county taxes. As a fiscal conservative, I understand the need to explore new avenues to save tax dollars. During my 14 years of involvement in Frankford government, I have recognized the need that, in certain circumstances, leadership involves spending money in a way to save taxpayer dollars. This has been accomplished in Frankford through both our road improvement and recycling programs, allowing our municipal tax increase to be one of the lowest in the county during my four years in office.

Economic development is crucial to the County’s financial stability and the loss of over 4 billion dollars in county ratables during the past few years has been devastating to services. As Deputy Mayor I was instrumental in the negotiationsthat led to the elimination of a multimillion-dollar lawsuit involving Sussex Commons at Ross' Corner. As this project progresses it will bring both construction and permanent retail positions to county residents as well as a strong ratable to both Frankford and Sussex County. It is critical that the County continues to work closely with the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development to attract new business opportunities in our area. The successful team approach I used as Mayor in Frankford will find a balance with economic development, fundamental to the stability of our county tax base.

County infrastructure has been pushed beyond its limits during recent storms. As repairs continue today, it is imperative that we recognize the work ahead and maintain a forward thinking capital plan for our roads and bridges.


Over the past two decades, while actively parenting and working full-time, my community involvement has been varied among coaching, government and civic activities. Although not active in the County political machine, my efforts were focused locally. I bring to the Freeholder Board the fair and open-minded manner that is successfully making a difference in Frankford. As a retired professional, I have the flexibility to commit full time to County issues. Your vote will give me the opportunity to govern and preserve our rural community while keeping Sussex County affordable for current and future generations. I am “YOUR KIND OF REPUBLICAN”