To the Editor: 

It is strange that all our major Brewers of beer have become owned by non-American companies.  Miller, Coors, and Budweiser have been sold or merged with foreign beer companies.  The latest salvo of sensibility was announced by Budweiser Vice President (not really as Budweiser is owned by a Belgian company) that the company was renaming Budweiser to “America” for patriotism.

I am not buying that, as I owned a bar in Bergen County, and I felt that Budweiser was marketed as an American beer.  I further note thatBudweiser was brewed in America for 140 years and that is a lot of years.  The beer followed my dad, uncles, high school friends, and some college friends overseas and back.  I even saw pictures with my dad prior to several major battles,and others drinking the brew in Hawaii, during World War II!

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I never thought major breweries like Budweiser, Coors, and Miller would be sold to foreign companies, even if it was to a company in Canada, which is the case with the last two named above, though there is another partner for Miller in the mix with 58% control of Miller in the US, and joint ownership with Molson in Canada.  Look, this Bud is for you is now going to be this America for you.  Sadly, corporations merge, sell out, and often move out.  At least, we hopefully have the horses, and Sam Adams or do we?

Bill Weightman, Hardyston