I am Melva Cummings,  candidate for the Sparta Board of Education. 

I am running for the BOE to be an advocate for all children and to support efforts to ensure that our students are prepared for college and for their careers and that they are learning in a culture of creativity and innovation. 

When making decisions, we must consider what is in the best interest of all children while at the same time ensuring that we are responsible to the greater community.  We need to provide thoughtful oversight in a fiscally responsible manner.

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We as a Board need to build a positive culture by working together.  We need to be respectful and cooperative while working towards our common goals. 

Please come out to vote on November 4, 2014  and support Kylen Anderson,  Doug McKernan and Melva Cummings  for the Sparta Board of Education. 

Editor's note: All candidates have been offered the opportunity to submit weekly statements.