HERNDON, Va. — Centenary University was the reserve champion team  at the 2018 American National Riding Commission, (ANRC), Championship held at Frying Pan Farm Park, April 10 to 15.

Competing teams are composed of four student-riders, two student-grooms, four of the University's top horses, and two coaches Michael Andrade's consistency throughout all phases also helped him clinch the title of ANRC Individual National Champion 2018.

According to its website: “The primary goal of ANRC is to promote the American System of Forward Riding.  This system is based on the idea that the rider’s position or seat, control, and schooling of the horse are integral parts. The training objectives seek to develop the horse’s agility and strength under the weight of the rider, and achieve balance of the horse independently of the rider’s aids. Emphasis is placed on the rider’s ability to achieve a cooperative performance, allowing the horse to move forward freely with connected movement, while remaining calm and alert.”

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Savannah College of Art and Design edged Centenary out of the championship 168.76 to 166.08.

St. Andrew's University was third, (152.91), followed by University of Virginia, (147.78), Emory & Henry College, (145.35) and Duke University, (145.18).

Overall Individual Results For Centenary Riders:

Michael Andrade & Lucky Times- 85.50, Champion

Skylar Laakso & Assured- 77.65, fifth overall

Cheyenne Bianchi & Mystic River- 75.08, eighth overall

Andrew Pryslak & Oriano- 64.02, 18th Overall

Program Ride (35% of total score):

Centenary University- 58.87, second

Michael Andrade & Lucky Times- 30.59, second

Andrew Pryslak & Oriano- 28.28, fifth

Skylar Laakso & Assured- 25.83, 13th

Cheyenne Bianchi & Mystic River- 24.78, 16th

Derby Phase (30%):

Centenary University- 50.25, first

Michael Andrade & Lucky Times- 25.95, first

Skylar Laakso & Assured- 24.30, seventh

Cheyenne Bianchi & Mystic River- 21.60, 15th

Andrew Pryslak & Oriano- 12.00, 19th

Written Test (5%):

Centenary University- 8.64, second

Skylar Laakso- 4.42, third

Cheyenne Bianchi- 3.80, 12th

Andrew Pryslak- 3.64, 16th

Michael Andrade- 3.16, 19th

Medal Phase (30%):

Centenary University- 48.90, second

Michael Andrade & Lucky Times- 25.80, first

Cheyenne Bianchi & Mystic River-24.90, third

Skylar Laakso & Assured- 23.10, eighth

Andrew Pryslak & Oriano- 20.10, 15th

Centenary University's equestrian teams will contest IDA Nationals, IHSA Nationals, and the Garden State Horse Show over the next three weeks.

Established in 2006, ANRC fosters the mission of the former Affiliated National Riding Commission, which existed as part of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (AAHPERD) for more than 60 years. ANRC’s educational system is based on the teachings of Captain Vladimir Littauer, who came to the United States in the thirties and established a riding school and is author of the book Commonsense Horsemanship.   His progressive forward riding system influenced many professional riders and trainers, including Jane Dillon, George Morris, Joe Fargis, Lendon Gray, Pam Baker, and Bernie Traurig.

According the www.anrc.org: the ANRC Intercollegiate Equitation Championship is traditionally held in April. In the national championship colleges showcase their most talented riders in a team competition judged and scored on equitation skills in four phases:

A Program Ride (includes USEF Hunter Equitation Tests)

A Hunter Seat Equitation Medal Course at 3’

A Derby Course (natural jumps in a field) at 3’

A Written test based on riding theory and stable management

Students may compete on a college-owned horse or a privately owned horse. The highest score in each phase will be awarded to the rider who demonstrates excellence in equitation and produces a smooth, cooperative performance exemplifying quality hunter movement both on the flat and over fences. In addition to the National Division level of competition, a Novice Division at 2’6” provides an introductory level of competition for riders with similar goals.

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