On Tuesday, Congress gets back from their undeserved and unearned summer vacation. I say this not to be disrespectful, but to be blunt about the reality of just how terrible of a job the House and Senate are doing for the voters of this country. They spent the first 6 months of the Trump Administration wrestling about how to repeal and replace Obamacare, and ultimately couldn’t agree on anything.

They failed because the Republican Party lied to the American people and broke their promise of a full Obamacare repeal. They promised it for 7 years, but once it actually came time to get it done, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and the Republican Establishment- many of whom are beholden to insurance companies for campaign contributions, introduced pieces of legislation that merely tweaked Obamacare and left most of it intact.

Republicans turned their backs on the people who elected them, and decided to back down from bold agenda items spinelessly as they always do. If we are going to improve the safety, freedom, and prosperity of this great nation, we must make big and bold changes- and turn away from the tediously unproductive and viciously repetitive solutions that establishment politicians propose that never actually solve anything.

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For example, Congress wants raise the debt ceiling soon. We raise the debt ceiling just about every year without end: It’s why we are $20 trillion in debt! If we are going to constantly raise the debt ceiling, then at the very least we should attach spending cuts to it! If one has a basement that is flooded to the top, does it make more sense to merely raise the ceiling, or actually empty the water? In the same way, America is flooded with debt that we have stacked up at such an alarmingly rapid pace due to massive deficit spending from both parties.

Speaking of flooding, the massive catastrophe of Hurricane Harvey is going to require billions of dollars in federal emergency relief funds. I am absolutely in favor of spending every penny necessary to provide for all of the individuals/families who are hurting, for it’s our responsibility to learn from Hurricane Katrina- and guarantee a much better relief and recovery for every person and area impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Yet I cannot help but think of how much better prepared we would be to pay for important things like this if we weren’t already underwater in a pool of national debt that can and will drown this country if it remains unchecked.

The only thing that brings Republicans and Democrats together is borrowing and spending massive amounts of money that we don’t have. If Congress cared amount the American people even one bit, then they would offset at least some of the disaster relief spending with cuts elsewhere in the budget. If they cared, they wouldn’t take so much time off after accomplishing so little.

If they cared, they would not recklessly saddle our younger generations with trillions of dollars in debt that they will someday have to pay back. If they cared, they would actually work hard to keep their promises- and not back away from them in cowardice and carelessness. There is so much dysfunction among our nation’s representatives that they aren’t even trying to represent anyone but themselves and their donors.

President Trump recently announced that he wants to start Tax Reform, and if spineless Republicans and obstructive Democrats don’t mess that up - which they will try very hard to- then we will be on the right track. As of now, however, I urge President Trump to remain steadfast and vigilant in trying to keep his campaign promises- especially the ones regarding economic growth and national security.

Overall, my point is that our nation has a lot of growing problems that our politicians want to keep ignoring and/or addressing with the same failing solutions- and it is not going to work! I remain optimistic, however, that we can still solve our country’s biggest problems if we change course- and we should put the political pressure on Congress to do just that.