AUGUSTA, NJ – The Olympic organizers in London have to deal with complicated logistics, but they do not have to deal with wiggly babies and recalcitrant toddlers.

The folks from WSUS Radio, however, had to deal with just that on Tuesday, Aug. 7, at the State Fair/Sussex County Farm and Horse Show.

Atlantic Health Systems/Newton Memorial Hospital sponsored the Kid Olympics on Children’s Day at the fair, and the radio station employees managed the games.

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The “sports” were Diaper Derby, Toddler Trot, Bean Bag Toss, Ring Toss and Bucket Fill. Each was divided by age and open to any child who pre-registered during the day at the WSUS table.

All participants received a vial of bubbles, the winners of each event received a trophy and a gift certificate and the second and third place finishers received ribbons.

The diaper derby featured two heats with most of the babies not crawling anywhere near the finish line. The winner was Emmett Polhemus, son of Josh and Sherry Polhemus of Stockton.

The toddler trot involved the children running back and forth on the same “track,” a carpet with lines, as the diaper derby. More of the toddlers actually ran. The winner was Brooke Wagner, 22 months, of Wantage.

“She’s always willing to run,” her mother said about the curly-haired toddler who outpaced everyone else in two heats.

The bean bag toss involved a maximum of  four children per heat tossing color-coded bean bags toward a bucket. The child who got the most hits won. The winner was Aiden Carlson, 4, of Hampton.

The ring toss involved getting rings over a stake from a certain distance. Each child was given three rings to toss and the first to get all three over the stake won. They could run to retrieve those that missed and keep tossing until all three rings were over the stake. The winner was Andrew Carlson, 6, of Hampton.

There were three participants in the bucket race. The children had to soak a sponge in a bucket then carry it back to their individual buckets. The first child to get the water up to a certain point won. The winner was Alex Ayers, 7, of Andover Township.

Other events in NORWESCAP’s Children’s Day included activities for children in the entertainment tent.

State Division of Fish and Wildlife employees taught children to create fish out of paper plates. Other agencies had coloring tables, face painting and other special activities for children.

A children’s tractor pull was also held and the 4-H sponsored Bingo in their tent.

Of course the fair is always for children and 4-Hers from Furry Friends in Sussex-Wantage and Cuddly Critters in Stockton had their rabbits and guinea pigs out for visitors to pet in the small animal tent.

Other visitors said hello to the sheep, goats, dairy and beef cattle in the 4-H buildings and toured the exhibits of individual 4-H clubs as well as of each municipality in the county, a history of the fair and county agencies. They also visited antique farm implement museum and played some checkers in a decided change from video games.