China’s Great Wall of Sand

The Administration has nine months left, and it’s occupied with issues of climate change and nuclear proliferation with China.  Yet, there is a greater issue with the Chinese, and it is, as one source in the Navy calls the “Great Wall of Sand!” China is building islands of sand in the South Pacific and the South China Sea.  The Chines without question are building these islands to control vital sea lanes, and now they are within 140 miles of the Philippines’ Capital- Manila.

I know much of the Philippines, as my uncle taught in their universities, and hearing from his former friends there, and reading his works now dated, shows there is much angst about Chinese moves in their area.  For those that do not remember the news, the Chinese have seized islands that were under the Philippines.  One US Admiral in the area has been muzzled, as the Administration may be thinking legacy, but we are embittering many in the region, including the Japanese, Vietnam, and a string of other countries, including India.

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Chinese will be able to control the sea lanes, and we and the Asian nations will be left adrift. Look, we do not have to go to war, but I am in agreement with some in the Pentagon that we have to show some resolve, and remember that after World War Two, we have defended freedom of the seas, as a cornerstone of a peaceful word order, and that resolve must continue, as a China not stopped will have veto power and control of vital sea lanes, and with that legacy goes out the window!

Bill Weightman, Hardyston