To the Editor:

The legality of Governor Christie’s move to have two general elections this year is already challenged in court.    However, what really matters is that having two elections within 20 days of each other is not only the expense (estimates range to $20 million), but that it’s senseless.
If the Governor’s decision stands, election workers will have twenty days to reprogram voting machines for the general election.  Well, not really!  They’ll have just five days to do that!  Voting machines can’t be tampered with for fifteen days after an election in case there is a challenge and a recount is required.  Twenty days is not sufficient time to reprogram the machines and prepare them for a complicated general election.  Five days is ridiculous!  It may be impossible!
So, the Governor has to bite the bullet and accept the fact that there may be a popular Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate on the ballot this November.  I hope that his ego and presidential ambitions can take the hit of his name not being at the top of the page.  

The alternative, i.e., to proceed with this hare-brained scheme, is to virtually guarantee that the aftermath of November 5, 2013 election will be a legal circus. It’s inevitable that mistakes will be made in programming voting machines and preparing them for voters.  Five, even twenty, days is not enough time to get it right. Legal challenges will abound.
Hopefully, the courts will acknowledge the danger and move the general election for United States Senator for New Jersey to November 5th where it’s supposed to be and where it can be managed rationally.
Michael G. Busche