Lately, our nation has been torn apart over the recent violence in Charlottesville, VA. What America witnessed that day were two extreme hate groups unleashing their fury upon each other. The far-right Neo-Nazi white supremacist groups were protesting the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue, and the far left group Antifa was counter-protesting them. First and foremost, everyone must come together and condemn racism by all means. White supremacy/Nazism is by far one of the most evil ideologies a human being could stand for. White supremacy and racism have absolutely no place in our society.

The United States of America is a country where true freedom and opportunity belong to people of all races and backgrounds. We must always stand together and unite against all forms of racism and bigotry to keep it that way, and stamp out racial inequality even more. However, I cannot say that those on the far left are any better. The mainstream media does not want the public to understand that Antifa and groups like them are just as evil and extreme as the Neo-Nazis. Antifa is also a very radical and violent group that displays brutality and wickedness towards their opponents.

They were the ones behind the insane riots at Berkeley College this past February, when they destroyed so much property and caused unprecedented chaos and anarchy all because they were trying to stop conservative pundit Milo Yiannapoulos from being a guest speaker. If one group starts a violent protest over the removal of a statue, and the other group is just as violent and destructive in protesting the attendance of a guest speaker, then isn’t it safe to say that both radical factions need to be slapped upside the head?

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Wouldn't it make more sense to condemn all hate groups as evil, violent, destructive, and down right Un-American? Could it be that President Trump told the exact truth when he blamed both sides for the violence?

Also, just why are we tearing down Confederate statues? I for one condemn slavery, and thank God that the South lost the Civil War! Yet we should not be trying to erase and delegitimize American history. The left is waging a war on free speech by acting this way; this is how fascism starts. In fact, it has nothing to do with racism that those on the far left are trying to re-write our history; it is merely a tactic to teach our young people to hate America and shut down those who dare to disagree. Both the extreme left and the extreme right in this country are evil, because they are trying to tear this country apart and make everyone hate each other.

This is America; there should be no violence, no racism, and no censorship coming from any side! Our Constitution was written so nobody could take our rights and freedoms away. White supremacists, Nazis, and the KKK are so purely evil and Un-American that they must be condemned over and over again without end. Yet leftist groups such as Antifa are so extreme that they too are fascists, and are relentlessly trying to destroy everything that has ever been great about America.

We need to start treating each other with love and respect in this country again.  As a Christian, I also happen to believe that we will never get there unless we turn our bitter and divided hearts to God. I don’t think it is even remotely possible for our nation to be reunited without so much as opening a single page from the Bible- it’s what the principles of our society were originally founded on!

The hate and division we see in our increasingly broken society could be mended by uniting with God. Just imagine how hard it would be for Americans to hate one another if we started praying for our enemies!  

I love this country with all my heart and I hope and pray that we could stop all of the yelling and remember what the USA is about so our children will not inherit the future that currently awaits them. My fellow Americans, it is long past time to come together.