I was reading a front page article in a major market newspaper on corporate perks now springing up for employees in some golden corporations.  It reminded me that some two years ago I ran for the NJ Assembly and took a stand on paid sick leave. Studies have shown that paid sick leave has worked well for many employers, and many female bread-winners. Actually, females are now the dominant factor in bread-winning in America.

Some years back- 20 years back-, I met an author from the now closed Hoffman Roche facility on Route 3 in Nutley. She proposed in her book and in her corporate advice that such companies allow day care for children on-site.  It was a successful venture, but seemingly now not widely found, though I have found some hospitals that have such programs.

Strangely, the urge is back in more progressive companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, and others, who have increased pregnancy leave, and other human resource growth areas!.  According to the NY Times, Microsoft has increased its pregnancy leave up to 20 weeks. In the same article entitled, “Leaps in leave, but parents are Wary of Talking it, Netflix has added a year of leave for mothers and/or fathers.   Meanwhile, other workers in a variety of tech firms can work at home!  I was one doing psychological test research on students, and workers. It was rewarding and all my works were published!

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Along those lines, I once envisioned workers even in a manufacturing venture or other setting to get a sabbatical to improve his or her human capital.  We can hope!

Bill Weightman, Hardyston, NJ